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Q. Is online visa application mandatory for all foreign nationals?

Ans: Yes, online visa application is mandatory for all foreign nationals with effect from August 17, 2010.

Q. After registering online, where do I submit the visa application?

Ans:Bangladeshi nationals residing in Dhaka, Khulna, Barisal Divisions must apply at IVAC, Gulshan or IVAC, Motijheel and those residing at Sylhet Division and Chittagong divisions must apply at IVAC, Sylhet, those residing at Chittagong Division must apply at IVAC, Chittagong and those residing at Rajshahi Division must apply at IVAC, Rajshahi respectively. Other foreign nationals may apply at IVAC, Gulshan or IVAC, Chittagong.

Q . How many online applications and photographs are required to be submitted by an applicant?

Ans: Only one application and one recent colour photograph are required to be submitted.

Q- Do I have to submit the application at IVAC at the time given in the online application or anytime between 0800 hrs to 1200hrs.

Ans: It is advisable that you submit the application at the time indiacted in the online application. However, your application will be accepted any time between 0800 hrs to 1200 hrs on the date of appointment.

Q. I made a mistake while filling up the online application. Is it possible to make corrections online?.

Ans:. No, there is no possibility of making corrections online. You need to apply again.

Q. I registered online but could not get a date of appointment. What should I do to get a date of appointment?

Ans:. Please try at a later date for getting appointment. For this, you must log on to Reprint option on top right corner of the online application Please fill in web file number and date of birth and choose the date of appointment available.

Q. I registered online and took a date of appointment. But I could not take a print out of the online application. How can I get a printout of the online application?

Ans: Please log on to Reprint option on top right corner of the online application. Please fill in web file number and date of birth and take a print out of online application.

Q. I plan to travel to India, but am yet to firm up the dates. Can I apply online for different dates?

Ans: Multiple bookings by the same individual hamper the prospect of other applicants in getting date of appointment. If you do so without sufficient reasons, it is possible that your application may be rejected. Q. By mistake I selected Chittagong instead of Dhaka online. Can I still submit the application at IVAC, Dhaka?

Ans: No, online applications registered in Chittagong cannot be accepted in Dhaka and vice-versa.

Q. I could not submit the documents on the date of appointment. Can I submit the documents anytime after the date of appointment?

Ans: No, You will have to submit the documents on the date of appointment given in online application.

Q. Whom should I contact to know the status of my visa application.

Ans: Please get in touch with the IVAC where you had submitted the visa application through telephone, fax or e-mail. You must mention your Sticker No. or Passport Number while making enquiries. For contact details of IVAC, please click here(On